Things to do

OKay enough! Enough procrastination. Enough moping around. Enough being lazy. Yeah I’m done with all that! I have things to do and I will make a list of them and do them all. As soon as I finish writing this post, i’m going to start working.

  1. I have to write my history IA today. At least the first two sections.
  2. Add 300 words to my extended essay and do the corrections needed.
  3. Write the essay required for my college application.
  4. Finish cleaning up my table.
  5. Finish making 2 more Christmas presents.

Okay, it’s a lot of work for me because I tend to get very distracted but i’m going to give it my best shot. And being productive will make me feel better about myself. So yeah. I’m going to go and start working.


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