Random thoughts and things

God, I am so behind on my Christmas presents! I’ve only made like 3 and Christmas is two days away! Omg I just realised that I haven’t even put up the tree yet! Have to do that TODAY!!!

Why did my tennis coach make me work out so much today! Ugh my body aches!

Why the hell do we have to have periods!? And PCOS sucks! Your periods just happen when they want to, no freaking schedule! And they are so painful!

Its vacations and I still have so much work – college applications, Extended essay, Theory of Knowledge essay and Internal assessments omg.

Why won’t she text me? Why am I so desperate for her? Like I don’t care so much about anyone else texting or not texting but for some reason her not texting bothers me so much.

I hate this cold winter feeling. I like winter and I like vacations and I like winter vacations but I don’t like the feeling I get in winter vacations. This weird alone, cold and pathetic feeling.

I’ve been laying in bed all day everyday in the dark and I feel pathetic and I just literally want someone to crawl into bed under the blanket with me and sit there and talk to me. But yeah, that’s not happening.

Last night was bad again but it’s okay.

I should really clean up my table. I started cleaning up but I lost motivation halfway through so now most of my stuff is on the floor but I don’t have the energy to clean.

I’m making a really colorful drawing for my sister for Christmas. It has lots of hearts and stars and glitter and I hope she likes it!

I’m trying to think of happy things to write but I can’t think of any right now! Umm, Harry Potter, Gilmore girls, and umm what else?

I miss school. I never thought I would say this. OKay well I don’t miss studying in school but I miss my friends and my locker and a couple of teachers too! I don’t know, I just miss being around all the people I guess.

This post is stupid, okay bye!

EDIT – To put it in Em‘s words – this post is just a collection of annoyance because of PMS


4 thoughts on “Random thoughts and things

  1. I feel like this post is just a collection of annoyance because of PMS hehe. Periods suck, yup. I get the worse cramps. It wouldn’t be so bad if cramps didn’t happen, but ugh. I don’t miss school! Lying under the blanket is fun, but you can talk to us if you want someone there. You’re not pathetic, you’re awesome ❤

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