Blogging and Happiness

As my week for the Happiness Project comes to an end, I’ve been sitting and trying to write my third and last post for this project and, for some reason, nothing I write feels good or appropriate enough. And then I kinda realized that I’m over thinking this and I should just make a post about something that makes me happy! And one of the first few things that came to m mind was blogging.

Blogging makes me so happy, it gives an out to my thoughts and because of it, I’ve met some really amazing people. Whenever anything happens in my life, happy or sad, I just want to blog about it! And I love reading about all of my blogger friends’ lives. And I honestly feel so happy when one of you guys have a good day or have something exciting going on in your lives and I feel genuinely concerned when things aren’t so good. I feel like I have this bond and connect with you guys, it’s like having a blogging family!

Okay so now this post has made me kinda emotional!

Blogging actually helps me sort out my life also. Whenever I need to think about something difficult or stressful, I blog about it and putting my thoughts down makes my mind a little clearer. And of course, all the advice and kind words I hear from all of my fellow bloggers is heart-warming.

Anyway, enough gushing about how much I love blogging and how much it makes me happy! This was my last post as part of the happiness project run by Sydney, an amazing blogger whose blog you should definitely read! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Blogging and Happiness

  1. Oh my god, this just made me so happy.Blogging is an outlet for me, too, and I’ve made so many amazing friends here. I’m really happy that I started one, and that you started one to

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