So my exams stat tomorrow. I have English tomorrow morning and then math on Monday.
I haven’t exactly prepared for them but I think I’ll be okay. I hope I’ll be okay! The exams will affect our final predicted grades that go to universities so I kind of have to do well.

The only subjects that I’m really worried about are history and environmental systems and societies (ESS)
History because even though I really like it, I find it a bit confusing and I’m not amazingly good at writing analytical essays.
And ESS because I don’t understand anything and I don’t even like the subject!

But I don’t know, it’ll be okay I guess. It’s kind of strange that I’m not freaking out yet. Maybe It’s just not set in yet! I don’t know. Who cares, it’s a good thing that I’m not freaking out.

So I have a two hour exam tomorrow morning after which I’m going to come home and study for psychology which is on Tuesday and then spend the rest of the weekend studying for math. At least I have a plan. Yes, I think it’ll be fine.


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