Harry Potter

So apparently I am in Gryffindor!

I was really bored and procrastinating on studying for my exams and so I decided to take a Hogwarts House Quiz. It was super fun and the result I got was Gryffindor. This is what the description said –

You have a heart of a lion. You never give up, never back down and give everything 100%. Good things happen to you because you fight for them. You stand up for yourself and for your friends because you believe in what is right. Your energy is magnetic and makes you a natural leader. 

Okay I honestly cannot express in words how much I love Harry Potter! Sure I have books I like as much as the HP series or maybe even a little more but for me, Harry Potter will always have a special place.

I initially got the first 4 books as a  hand down from someone and started reading them. I instantly loved them but I of course at that point could not afford to buy the next parts. So I asked so many people and I still couldn’t find it but I finally found it in the school library. After finishing reading the series, I started watching the movies and they were super fun to watch too!

A lot of people ask me who my favourite characters are but I just cannot choose. But I do really like Luna, Neville, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Lupin and so many more omg. I probably shouldn’t start listing my favourite characters out because it’s such a huge list!

Ugh and do not even get me started on how much I hate Dolores Umbridge! That woman is insane. I hate her more than I hate Voldemort or anyone else in the entire series. Who does she think she is!?

The Harry Potter world is so beautiful! I would give anything to be able to go to Hogwarts. As soon as I pick up any of the book I’m transported to this whole other world where anything can happen! I would be so cool to be a witch or a wizard and of course, the added benefit would be no exams! (I’m still kinda waiting for my Hogwarts letter! Sorry, don’t judge me!)

McGonagall is so cute here!


Luna is so eccentric. She is my soul sister.

imgres.jpg  tumblr_lvywaeIGlh1qmf6eyo1_500.jpg


Okay I should stop now because if I don’t control myself a bit, this post could go on forever! Omg I LOVE the Harry Potter series!!!!

Oh I did another quiz and this time I got Ravenclaw! It was suggested by Jeyna Grace and can be found here  – http://www.gotoquiz.com/pottermore_sorting_quiz_all_possible_question

Okay, I’m a bit too excited, I’m going to go now. Bye!




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