So last night I cut again. After almost over 2 weeks, I cut again. I’ve been talking to this teacher of mine and she’s been helping me with all the things that I’ve been going through. And she’s been making me promise to not cut everyday. I write ‘I promise’ on two slips of paper with the date and my signature and then she signs it and she keeps one slip and I keep the other. It’s like an agreement to not cut. And it helps because I resist the urge to cut because I don’t want to break my promise to her. By I broke it last night. I made 8 tiny cuts.

After I did, I talked to her about it and everything and I talked to a couple of my friends about it too. Talking to them helped a bit. So yeah. I just feel really stupid for breaking my promise and doing this again. Well, I just have to try harder to not do it again.


17 thoughts on “Relapse?

  1. The promise thing sounds like it’s working, kind of. I’m really sorry that you relapsed, but it’s brave of you to talk to others and get help so good on you for that. Soon hopefully you’ll be able to keep your promise. xoxo We’re always here to support you.

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  2. It’s not a relapse, sounds like the teacher is looking out for you, it’s good that you have someone to talk to someone about this stuff.

    Sounds like that promise put pressure on you, and you released the pressure by cutting. It’s really hard to commit to not doing a specific thing, a negative promise. You could try a positive promise to do something nice for yourself every day, something that makes you feel less like cutting?

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