So I went on a school camp from 13th to 17th of October. It was pretty nice and I kinda had fun I guess, I don’t know. Here are my camp diaries in excruciating detail –

We went by bus as the place was only about 3-4 hours away and we left at 6 in the morning. We stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s on the way. Then I just sat in the bus listening to people sing and made some random videos of the way and all that. Just lazed around basically. Then once we reached our camp site we made groups with people we wanted to room with and were allotted our rooms. As soon as we entered the room I just fell in love with the sofa and that is where I slept and spent most of time. Our rooms were in a sort of Havelli like thing which is basically a big bungalow with a courtyard in the center and rooms all around it. It had a very typical Indian haunted house vibe to it, tbh. Our room was on the first floor and was number 115. I roomed with 5 other people, Annie, Shivi and a few others. Then in the evening we were divided into activity groups and we did some activities and played some games and all that. Nothing major. In the night, I just chilled with my roommates for a while before sleeping off. Some Annie stuff happened but I’ll get into that later.

Then the next day, most people had to give their presentations but I didn’t as mine was the day after. So most of my friends did not have to go for the activities so I kind of ended up not going either and I just hung out with them at the poolside, talking and laughing and having fun. Then at one point me and Annie went back to our room and decided to bunk everything and just relax in the room. SO that’s what we did and soon a couple more of our roommates joined us in doing that. It was quite fun. All day I was fine but then in the evening I just freaked out and had a kind of bad night and ended up sleeping in my friend’s room. I’ll explain what happened in another post about Annie.

On the third day I had my presentation. It was at 10am. So I woke up around 6 and went for tea. Then we had some early morning exercises. After that we went back to our rooms and I bathed and changed and all. I had to wear my school uniform today for the presentation and so I did. Then I had breakfast (cereal). For some reason I was very calm about my presentation. I think I was just beyond the point if giving a shit anymore. So I just timed my presentation once and then I just sat around and chilled. As the time for my presentation approached I started getting slightly nervous so I took out my comfort book (perks of being a wallflower) and was it for a while to calm myslef down. After this I went in for my presentation and did it and it seemed to go fine. I was so relieved once it was done. It had been bothering me for months and it’s finally over!

After this, again, I just hung around for the rest of the day doing nothing.

The next morning, again I woke up at 6. Had breakfast and then came back to my room to relax. We had water activities in the morning so I changed and got ready for that. I was actually not feeling up to going for the activity but I dragged myself out and just ended up sitting on one corner of the pool with my legs dipped in. It was actually not too bad. But then I got bored in a while and just came back to my room. Chilled in the room for a bit and then changed and went for lunch. After lunch we went for a forest safari which was quite nice. The forest was really nice and peaceful and while we didn’t spot any tigers, we did see some other animals. It was so quiet and nice and you could hear a the birds and the trees and the sky was so beautiful.

Once we got back from the safari, we had a dance party. Some kinda nice music was playing and so I danced for a bit before I got kinda tired and gave up and went back to my room. And then something kind of strange happened. I went to my room and sat down on the bed and then I just don’t know what happened next. Like I had no memory of the next two hours. Like the next thing I knew was Shivi knocking on the door for me to open it. I totally blanked out during this period. I don’t know what happened. After this I just chilled with my roommates for a while before we all slept of as it had been a really tiring day.

The next morning we had to get up at 4 to leave from the place to reach home by 8. So we woke up and had some tea and then we got on to our buses and then I think most of us just slept of. At least I did. I only woke up when me stopped for breakfast after which I slept of again. And yeah then we reached back home around 8 or 9.

All in all it was a nice  trip. Not the best trip I ever had but not the worst either. It was very bitter sweet actually. It was the last school camp ever and so it was a bit sad for me. And then some Annie stuff was on my head too so yeah. But on the positive side, I talked to a few people I usually don’t talk much to. So yeah, it was quite nice. I had moments of intense happiness but I also had moments when I just couldn’t stop crying.

I was really happy when one of my friends, TB, made a henna tattoo for me and one of my other friends gave up her bed to let me sleep there when I had a really bad night and many other small moments which were really nice.

Hmm, so yeah, happy stuff and sad stuff.


2 thoughts on “Camp!!!

  1. Wow, sounds like a lot happened at camp! I’m sorry that you had to feel all of those whirlwind of emotions, but I’m glad that you survived them and had an impactful experience during your last ever camp. Hope to read more posts from you on it! 🙂

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