OMG What!?

Omg I can’t believe I did it! Okay, so remember how I mentioned that I had a crush on a really good friend of mine called Annie? Okay so I told her! Yes I told her!!!!!!

So basically, I think the first time I thought that I might have a crush on her was back in December last year but then we weren’t even friends back then and I pushed it to the back of my mind. Then in May- June this year we became really good friends and my crushing on her intensified. Since then, I’ve kept it in but you know i’m always scared of it slipping out and I’ve had to watch my tongue a bit around her and sometimes I feel like I’m lying to her and I don’t like that and so I just decided to tell her the truth.

Basically, yesterday morning I woke up and just decided to tell her. I was feeling like my head would explode if I didn’t tell her so I did. Actually I had already sort of told her. I had discussed this with her. I had told her I have this crush and that I want to tell her and she had encouraged me to go and tell my crush. It’s just that she didn’t know it was her. It was actually quite hilarious!

So then all day yesterday I was planning to tell her but I didn’t get a chance. I discussed it with a few friends of mine and they all encouraged me to do it. So then when I was dropping her home from school as soon as we reached her house, I told her. She was totally okay with it, she gave me a hug and we laughed about it even. It was fine. Then because she knows how much I over think things she messaged me later in the evening asking if I was doing okay and whether I was torturing myself by over thinking. So I said I was doing okay. But omg she cares so much. That is why I love this girl. She really genuinely cares about people.

So yeah that’s that! I still can’t believe that I had the guts to do this!


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