Random Thought

So I had this very random thought the other night. So you know how your hair gets gray/white as you grow old. Okay, imagine this. What if instead of gray/white, it changed into like random colors based on how our life has been and our personality. Like colors that somehow symbolize our lives!

Like neon colors for bubbly people and things like that! It would be so cool and interesting to wonder what made someone’s hair a particular color!

Okay I know this sounds a bit crazy but just imagine this omg!

(On a side note, I suddenly remember something that happened the other day. There was this really long white hair that I found on my arm. Like I think it fell of my head! That means that I had a white hair! I feel old… Hmm. Whatever but it was so cool and it was like a really glossy white!)

Okay I;m just being really weird now! Byee!


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