ToK Ugh!

I’ve written and spoken about this a million times already but I’m going to once more. We have to give these Theory Of Knowledge (ToK) presentations which are essential for actually getting our IB Diploma. The problem is, I hate TOK.

We had to give a mock presentation last month and it was to be given in front of a lot of people and I freaked out and had multiple panic attacks and finally, did not end up giving the presentation. But it was more than that, TOK kind of triggered a lot of things for me. Like the panic attacks. Which got aggravated into much more and I’ve been in a funk since then. SO I’ve strange attached a very negative feeling with it and I can’t get myself to actually focus on it and get to work and I’ve just been constantly avoiding thinking about it. But I have to face it now and just work because my final presentation is in about a week and I was supposed to finalize my topic and all that a long time back and my teacher keeps asking me for it every single day! Yeah, what is that all about? My Form tutor starts each morning with asking about TOK and that totally messes up my day. It’s so annoying. But I guess I’m just being extremely stupid here and I should just get down to work.

It also doesn’t help that I missed an entire year of TOK classes and so I’m pretty lost with what I’m actually supposed to do!

Okay enough procrastination. I’m going to go work now.


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