I feel like this month is going to be very busy and there are a lot of things going on that I’m probably going to lose track of at one point. So I’m just going to list them out.

1. I already gave my SAT yesterday. It was okay but I definitely feel like I could have done better. Just have to study more for the next one which is in November.
2. This week I have 2 final submissions of my internal assessments so I have to work on those.
3. Have to start working on my extended essay which is basically a 4000 word essay. I chose to do it on psychology so now I have to actually get down to writing it.
4. I have my annual camps coming up from 13th to 17th. We also have to give our final Theory Of Knowledge presentations during these camps so I’m kinda dreading it but let’s see what happens.
5. I’ve been doing an art course and my final 3rd year exam is on 18th of October so I’ve been working on preparing my portfolio and all that. But nervous but it should be okay.
6. There is this huge almost a week ling festival coming up from the 18th. This is probably the only festival we actually fully celebrate as a family and it’s really important for my grandmother. An I actually really like it too. I’m kinda looking forward to it.
7. I have to start working on my college applications.
8. There are quite a few birthdays coming up this month so I have to keep track of all of them.
9. Have to work on improving my mental health.

Hmm so yeah that’s about it. Omg this month is going to be so hectic. But I’ll just have to deal with it!


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