Words are such beautiful things. They can magically transport you to a whole new world.

I love to read blogs. Because I feel that they give us much more insight into a person’s life than sometimes our day to day interactions can.
Recently, I met this person. Very briefly. She is a friend of a friend and I barely said hello and we talked for less than a minute. But for some reason I found her very intriguing. So I asked my friend about her. My friend told me that she writes a blog and I can read it if I want. So I did.

I ended up binge reading her entire blog including posts from over a year ago! I’ve never even spoken to this person properly but I could somehow relate to and identify with her just through her words. It is amazing how much you can get to know someone through their blogs!

I’m so intrigued by her right now I feel like going back and reading more of her posts! I feel a weird sort of connect with her even though it’s just one sided. It’s strange but in a nice way.


One thought on “Words

  1. I know! Words, let alone language, can really captivate people. I admit that I have binge-read other people’s blogs, just because they write so well; even if they were to write about something like ketchup, I would still be interested. Glad that you discovered a great blog!

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