Lately, blogging has become my one constant source of happiness. I love to write and I love to read other people’s blogs and interact with them. It’s amazing because through our writing we connect with people sitting halfway across the world, people we’ll probably never even meet! And for me, I feel Like this is a no judgement zone. I can write whatever I want without anyone judging me and that makes it so much easier for me to express my thoughts.


A few days back, I got a notification saying I’ve reached a 1000 likes on my blog and I was ecstatic. I find it slightly unbelievable that people actually like what I write but I’m so glad that they do.

It’s slightly weird but I’ve almost started calling the people I follow and interact with, my blogging family!
One person that I have to thank in this post is The Finicky Cynic. Her blog is amazing and her writing style is amazing. She started following my blog a while back and I love her comments and I love reading her posts and she’s always ready to give advice and everything. I know I’m getting all cheesy here but she has definitely made my blogging experience so much better! So thank you so much!

Yeah this post was pretty directionless but I had to say these few things!


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