So a lot has been happening in life right now and I’ve been super busy so I’m just going to try to put down everything that has been going on.

1.  I have an insane amount of work to finish for school but I keep procrastinating and end up doing nothing! I should actually be studying right now. I have to finish my math, psych and environmental studies internal assessments, I have to study for my math test tomorrow and my psych test on Tuesday and I have to finish my extended essay. Ugh, why do I insist on procrastinating on everything till the last possible minute!?

2. Yesterday me and my sister recorded her singing covers of a lots of songs. I think she’s an amazing singer but then again, my opinion is completely biased. Anyways, she enjoys it and so we were just having a bit of fun.

3. I organised my entire study table and shelves today. I rearranged all my books and put up some pictures and things I like. I was hoping that clearing my table and the physical space around me will somehow clear my headspace a bit!

4. I sometime get really bad painting blocks. Like I can’t paint no matter how much I try. Everything I make turns out horribly! I hadn’t had one for a while now and I was actually painting a lot over the past couple of months but it’s back now! Ugh. I’ll just have to get over it.

5. I have to talk to one of my teachers tomorrow about my anxiety issues. She is my English teacher and we have been talking a bit over email about it but she wants to talk in person tomorrow. So I’m a bit nervous about that and I’m trying to prepare myself for it. I’m hoping it will be okay.

6. I broke up with my girlfriend today. It wasn’t a bad breakup or anything but it still upset me a bit because I don’t like endings. In fact I hate them! But it’s okay. It had to be done.

7. The other day, I was just talking to my crush about how much I’m in love with this person and all that. And I was telling her how I don’t expect this person to ever like me back or anything but sometimes I feel like I should tell them anyways to get it off my chest. And I was actually talking about her but of course she didn’t know that. It was so stupid. In fact it was almost a little funny.

8. We had voting for president in our school the other day and I voted for one of my friends and I really hope that she wins. Not because she is my friend becuase I really feel like she deserves it. She is a really nice human being and she likes Gilmore girls too so that automatically gives her a few brownie points!

9. I’m trying to keep all the bad/sad thoughts at bay. I’m not entirely successful but I’m trying. I’ve cut abit less this weekend so that is definitely a good thing. That past week was horrible but let’s see how this one goes. Hmm.

I guess that’s all thats been going on in my life right now. Nothing very important but it’s just been a really busy month.


8 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. I’m sure the anxiety talk will go well. It’s nice to talk about things like that to someone, and I hope it all goes well!
    I hate endings too. They suck. And OHH, good luck for your friend!

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