I found this spoken word poem that I really loved. It’s called Names and is by Rachel Rostad.

While it doesn’t connect to my name in any way, it still got me thinking about it. My name means beautiful eyes. It’s not an easy name to pronounce or spell and most people get it wrong. Earlier, I used to hate it and I used to keep asking my mom why she kept such a weird name for me. But lately, I’ve kind of come to love it. It’s unique. I’ve only ever met one more person with this name and she spells and pronounces it differently. So yeah, that doesn’t count.

Anyways, till about grade 4 or so, I used to use my father’s last name and I never gave it a second thought. Then around 6th grade, I started not liking it so much because it somehow connected me to my father. So I started avoiding using it and I only used my first name in most places. Even my passport has only my first name on it. I got my last name taken off from my previous school’s official records also. Then when I was applying to this school of mine last year, the application needed a compulsory last name and so I decided to put in my mom’s last name. I had never used it before and I didn’t even like it that much but I decided to go with it anyways.

So then, I somehow started using it everywhere, on social media and everything and I have actually come to like it. I thought that I would hate people using my full name but now a lot of people call me by my full name and I actually really like it. I have finally come to love my name. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Names

  1. Interesting thoughts! In American culture, most people use their first names when addressing themselves. However, in some situations, they end up using their middle names (perhaps because their first name is too common or hard to remember), or their initials (like M.J. or something). Never knew that you could use your last name to address yourself; I suppose that’s similar to Chinese/Japanese culture (which I’m familiar with).

    Just a thought: have you read “The Namesake” before? It’s a pretty good read (also a film) and it deals with name and identity.

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    • Yeah, here too most people use first names but some people do use last names as well. I bought The Namesake last summer and it’s lying in my bookshelf ever since but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I’ll get to it soon. Thanks for suggesting it! 🙂

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