My Sleep Schedule

My sleeping schedule is so fucked up right now. Like honestly! I’ve been staying up all night and sleeping all evening. Basically I get home from school at 4 and I go to sleep around  6 in the evening. I wake up around 9 or 10 and eat dinner. Then depending on how tired I am, I either sleep again or I start studying. If I sleep again, i generally wake up around 1 am and start studying till the morning. If I immediately start studying after dinner then I take a nap at around 12 to 1 am. It’s a strange routine which is probably going to mess up my entire biological clock and all that but it works for now. And it’s so much easier to study at night than in the day. I get so much more work done at nigh. There are minimal distractions and it’s just easier to concentrate I guess.

Okay, I don’t even know why I made this very useless post. Actually, I do know. I’m procrastinating on studying by doing this! Oh god, I really need to go study now!


One thought on “My Sleep Schedule

  1. Sounds like early college syndrome! College sleeping schedules are even more wacky than high school’s. It’s best to have a routine schedule of studying, even if it’s irregularly spaced out as you said! Taking 30-minute naps also help as well, refreshing you instead of making you even more groggy. To each their own- and good luck with studying!

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