Oh my god I have an IOC today. So IOC stands for individual oral commentary. Basically, we will be given an extract from a book we have read and we will get 20 minutes to annotate it and prepare a 10 minute commentary which will be recorded. After that the teacher will ask us a few questions that we have to answer. We have been given 15 practice extracts and the extract we get today will be one of those only. But oh my god I’m freaking out. Like I haven’t prepared for it at all! I’m so stupid at times. Like I had the time to prepare, but I just procrastinated and do not do anything. I’m trying to be calm about it but I’m slowly starting to freak out. Fml.
Why does IB make us do these oral presentations!? Like why can’t we just do written assignments? My stupid anxiety is making me go crazy. I’m not using it as an excuse but why do people with anxiety have to give or la presentations when it freaks them out. People with broken bones or physical injuries don’t have to play sports so then why do people with anxiety have to do these stupid fucking presentations and commentaries!?


6 thoughts on “IOC

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s so true!! People with broken bones don’t have to do sport and just because anxiety isn’t physical (mental can 0ften be worse) we shouldn’t do stuff that makes our anxiety worse!! Why don’t people understand this?

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