I just happened to check the insights tab on my stats page today and I realised that I have over 2000 views now! 2,002 views to be exact. And yes, I realise that this might be a very small number for most people but this is so huge for me. I almost can’t believe that the crap I write has been read about 2000 times!

I remember starting this blog and thinking that no one is probably ever going to read it and I can just vent here and I was okay with that. I honestly write for myself, but it does feel good when people read what you write and then write such amazing comments and it feels nice that you have in some way made a connection with someone sitting halfway across the world!

So yeah, I’m really happy about this whole thing and I love to blog. And I’ve been blogging less since school started this year because my schedule has been crazy busy but I try to write as much as I can. Blogging gives me so much satisfaction and this weird sense of calmness. Anyways, thanks for reading all the random crap I write.


8 thoughts on “2000 Views!!!

  1. ‘jaw drop’ it is not a small number , that’s huge ! congrats girl 🙂 I wish you the best on your blog , may the number keep getting bigger . that’s so cool , I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now . I remember when I saw 140 something too because I’m just 3 months in and that was the best day of my blogging life . wow congrats again 🙂

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