Alone Time

I’m taking the day off from school today because I desperately need some alone time and I need to catch up on a lot of work. And yes I know, the weekend just went by but you can’t really have alone time on the weekend because there is so much to do and the entire family is at home!

So I somehow convinced my mom to let me take the day off. I don’t know how she agreed because she usually never agrees but I told her that I had to do a lot of school work and all that so she agreed.

So I’m just going to relax a little today, finish as much work as I can and just hang out alone and think and sort out my head a bit. God, I’m looking forward to this! I’m just hoping that the day is productive though, and I don’t just waste it doing nothing! I also need to work on my college applications and all that so yeah, it’s going to be another busy day but at least I can do things at my own pace without having to talk to ten people and all that! Alone time, yay!


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