Last First Day of School

Today was my last first day of school. This is it, the last year of school. Senior Year.

As I entered school, in my head i was thinking, never again will I have this weird fluttering feeling in my stomach, this nervousness that happens on the first day of school. So I went in with my sister and then met my friends and there was a lot of hugging and catching up and asking how everyone’s summer was. After that our principal gave a lecture and then we got assigned new form tutors and form groups today. I got an English teacher as my form tutor and she seems pretty okay. I kind of like my form group. I have a couple of friends there and both my crushes are also in my form. So it’s okay.

Our form tutor took us to the field and said make pairs with someone from the group you don’t know much and get to know each other. So this guy came up to me and started talking. So I talked a bit but the conversation died out pretty fast. It was kinda awkward tbh. I kinda ended up walking on my own most of the time. After that we went back to the classroom where we had to write a line or two each about ourselves and put it up on the board. I don’t like these kind of activities much. I never know what to write. So then I was already feeling a bit awkward and this kinda scared me a bit and everyone wrote theirs and I was the only one who had not finished. So then I basically started going into full on panic mode. What will people think of what I write!!! So I finally thought of a quote from Gilmore Girls. I basically wrote “And If eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”. But by this time I was very freaked out. So I tried to calm myself down and tell myself that it’s okay and all that.  So then I calmed down a bit.

The rest of the day was pretty okay. I went to class. Had a few submissions that I didn’t do but it was okay. I have a lot of work for tomorrow as well but I am a little less freaked out now. I’m hoping everything is going to be okay.


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