Triggering Videos

So you know those chain messages that go around on Whatsapp? Sometimes they are just joke or riddles, other times they are some awareness thing or they are promoting something or the other right?

So yesterday I got one of those messages. It was a video of little school children being hit by their teacher repeatedly. It was basically a video showing child abuse and there was a note saying spread this video around so that it can reach the kids’ parents and they can report it. So the abuse has probably been reported by now and everything and I hate that this happened and it’s important for the culprit to be caught and all that. I agree with that and I know that spreading the video around was probably one of the ways to find out who the parents of the kids were and all that but i don’t think that a video like that should be spread around. At least I do not want to see it. I do not. It’s triggering for me. It shows little kids being hit, I cannot see that and I cannot pass that on. It can be triggering for many people and so why would anyone circulate a video like that.

There are many other possible ways to create awareness about the matter and all but it’s not fair to spread around videos like that. It really upset me to see it and I can imagine that it upset a lot of people. But for me it was more than just upsetting, it was really triggering and I’ve really been trying to avoid triggers so honestly. stop spreading around videos like that. I think videos can be edited in a way that the message comes across clearly without showing disturbing visuals. Or at least the video should have a trigger warning in the beginning.


6 thoughts on “Triggering Videos

  1. Hiya
    My Mum saw a video on Facebook that showed a woman (not sure where from repeatedly slapping a baby she was breast feeding face until it had marks. I remember her being so upset she cried. She couldn’t get it out of her mind. I’m no sure how I feel about these videos been shown. U don’t know how long ago it was taken etc etc, does it do any good etc. Sometimes action can be taken immediately though like in the horrendous case a couple of weeks ago of that girl getting bullied and made to say she was sorry on her knees. She got arrested in the end and that was due to people standing up and saying no! This can’t happen!! Anyway that’s my thoughts on the subject
    Bye Ari šŸ’œšŸ’ššŸ’›šŸ’™

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  2. Wow, I didn’t know that these videos came up on Whatsapp! I’m aware that they’re on FB, but still, damn…Usually, I try to ignore them by scrolling past or deleting them, but I can see how they are hard to look away from. šŸ˜¦ Hopefully, you can just ignore them.

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    • Yeah! I initially did not watch it but then the friend who sent it to me asked me what i thought of it so then I ended up watching it. I watched it on mute though, I couldn’t handle watching it with the volume on!

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