The Bench


Okay, you see this bench? This is not just an ordinary bench. This is my bench. Okay so technically its not really mine, I co-own it with my best friend. But whatever, It’s ours. Okay so we don’t really own it but we kind of do. So for about 5-6 years, my best friend and I have always hung out in our neighborhood and we always always, every evening, sit on that very same bench.

Okay so this might seem weird but that bench means so much to us. Like honestly, that bench has been through so much with us. I have literally fallen off it laughing and crying and I’ve danced on it like crazy in the rain and so much more. When me and my friend have to talk about something important then we only talk about it when we sit on that bench. Like everyone in the neighborhood knows that we sit there and if anyone wants to find us they always come there to look for us. We have this whole thing where we get really annoyed when someone else sits on it when we want to and we keep talking about it saying that people should pay us rent to sit on it. And we talk about putting a sticker on it saying that this bench belongs to us.

It’s almost a part of my daily routine, going and sitting on that bench. I have so many memories which feature The Bench in them. So I know I sound crazy over a bench that i don’t even really own but whatever!


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