Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

I got nominated for this awesome award by Every Word You Say and Hann. They are both awesome blogger and you should definitely check out their blogs.

So here are the rules –

  • Put the award logo in your post.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog. Thank you so much! I appreciate it. 🙂
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers. I’ll nominate some people but I don’t think I can do 15. Sorry.
  • Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them. 
  • Post 7 facts about you. 

Okay, I don’t know what facts to post this time, I think I’m kind of running out of facts! But I’m going to try so here…

1. I love weddings. It’s a chance for the whole entire family to meet up and hang out and have fun. I love it.

2. If I don’t have to go out of my house, I don’t bother changing out of my pajamas. I take a bath and then I wear a fresh pair of pajamas. They are so comfy!

3. I love charm bracelets. I really love them even though I’ve never had one. My sister just got one and I absolutely love it. I dream of going to different places and getting a charm from each place as a memory thing.

4. I love quotes. I live on quotes. I have them all over my room and I have a huge collection of them on/in my laptop.

5. I don’t like sports. I don’t do sports and I don’t even like to watch sports.

6. I really like Mangoes. But only the yellow ones, not the green ones.

7. I have glasses, but I hardly ever wear them. And I am supposed to wear them all the time. I find them kind of uncomfortable and I could never get used to them and so I just stopped wearing them. I know it’s stupid and I’m probably ruining my eyes more.

Anyways, Here are the nominations…

So yeah, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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