Solo Travel

I have always loved the idea of Solo travel. Set out on my own, do my own thing. At most I wouldn’t mind travelling with 1 other person but travelling alone is my dream. But then sometimes I wonder if it might be fun to travel with other people too (once in a while, that is). So I decided to compile a list of the pros and cons of solo travel. Mind you, I am just dreaming and imagining. I’ve never traveled solo yet but here goes…

Pros – 

1. You learn to be independent. Yeah, i know that this one is pretty obvious. If you travel alone then you have got to do everything on your own. No one is going to be babying you around the place and you learn how to manage your own shit. 

2. You travel on your own terms. Your schedule can be as flexible as you like. You don’t have to do all the typical touristy things if you don’t want to. If you’re travelling with people you have to take into account what they want to do and see and what time they want to do this and that.

3. You get to meet new people. I feel it’s easier to approach strangers when you’re travelling alone.You don’t seem as intimidating as you probably would if you were in a group. Also, if you travel in a group, you don’t feel the need to talk to new people as you already have so many people to talk to whereas if you travel alone, you get a chance to get to know new people. 

4. It’s cheaper. Okay so this one depends from situation to situation, like if you’re travelling with one other person then you can share a room and the cost doesn’t increase exponentially but I feel like if I can make do by couch surfing and living in hostels then why not and I can’t exactly couch surf with a large group of people. Also, I like cheap food, not everyone does. 

5. Do crazy shit with no one judging you! Okay, I know everything has to be done keeping your safety in mind but I don’t like people judging my every move and If I want to go to some beach island and dance in grass skirts and coconut bras, then I don’t want anyone standing over my head and judging me. But yeah, I know this one is just my point of view and lots of people don’t mind doing crazy shit with friends/other people. 

6. The sense of accomplishment. I can just image how proud I’ll feel once I’ve survived a month in France or in Egypt or wherever on my own. The feeling of I did it. All on my own! 

Cons – 

1. It might be nice to see a familiar face around at times. You know the low days when you just want to be around a friend, it might not be so bad to have a travel buddy around then. And sometimes it might be nice to share your experiences with a friend or something. 

2. It might be cheaper. Yeah, I know I listed this as a pro but imagine this… what if you don’t get a cheap hostel or you need to rent a car or whatever, then it might be nice to have someone to split the cost with.   

Yeah, those are all the cons I can think of. So the pros obviously outweigh the cons for me and that is why I want to travel alone. *Dreaming*

Feel free to add to the list!


9 thoughts on “Solo Travel

  1. Good post! Another thing I would add to the list would be Pros: if you stay for a longer period, you immerse yourself in the culture, even pick up the language. For me, that’s key. Cons: safety issues. Especially if you’re a woman, you might be susceptible to run-ins with strangers in the countries, whether it’s robbery, assault, or something else. Doesn’t happen all the time, but being careful is important.

    Hope that you get to travel in the future!

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      • Aw, it`s okay! I`ll try to remember to read your blog every day, hehe. And, I went to Germany on my own (from one city to another city). Not a big deal, but besides that I`ve been on 2 school trips, so that could count a little as we could afford the money plus my family let me! 🙂 I hope you get the opportunity soon.

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      • It is a big deal even if it was from one city to another! And if you’re interested, You can follow my blog through email sign up. There is an option on the sidebar where you can put in your email and It will send you a notification when I post. 🙂


  2. I would also like to travel someday when I am older. But the problem should be the money, one month in another country plus the cost of going in different cities isn’t that cheap. I would like to go in every country to visit the whole world. But life isn’t that simple 😦

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