So here’s what’s been happening in my life.

  1. That road trip did not happen. My mom changed her mind. I was so pissed off and upset with her as it was the only thing I was looking forward to in a long time but I’ve let it go now. So yeah, moving on.
  2. I finally finished reading The Bastard of Istanbul. This is the first book that took me  so long to read. I liked it but I kind of predicted one of the major suspense things. But still, I liked it and I might read it again someday.
  3. My french class is almost over. It gets over this Friday. The final test is this Thursday. The class was pretty good I think. I can say some basic stuff now, which is good.
  4. I watched a few films films recently – Serendipity; Letters to Juliet; and Cinderella. And I am dying to watch Paper Towns.
  5. I haven’t studied anything since vacations started and now I have to do so much work in so little time!
  6. I got a new phone and a new haircut. The phone is an advance birthday present.
  7. I have been writing some fiction for the past sometime and I am close to finishing a story. It’ nowhere near ready to post here but I’m working on it. Maybe I’ll post it one day. For now, it will stay in the notes on my phone.
  8. Still feeling pretty down but trying to cope with it.

Yeah so that’s it I guess. Nothing special. Nothing major.


5 thoughts on “Updates.

    • Oui, je parle un peu français! J’aime apprendre français, il est une belle langue.
      Okay, I tried. Correct me if I am wrong here with my french?
      Oh and my birthday is more than a month away but I really needed a new phone as my old one was falling apart so I got it as a very early present! Thanks anyways. 🙂

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      • You got the French down pretty well; only thing would be the last part of the second sentence: “c’est une belle langue.” Mais bien-fait! 🙂

        Great that you got a new phone! Is it an iPhone?

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