A Bit of Good News

Okay so the final IB Results came out yesterday at 5:45 p.m. my time. By Final IB results I mean grade 12 results. And my World Religions result. Because World Religions was a one year course and I gave my final exams this may. So we get graded out of 7 points. The grade boundary for getting 7 in this subject was getting between 75 to 100 points. And I got 77 points which means my grade is 7. Which is the highest possible grade. And yeah so that’s pretty good. Oh I mean YAY!!!

We celebrated by having chocolate ice-cream and I was pretty happy about it. Okay so yeah, that’s it. I told some of my friends and they seemed to be pretty happy about it and they all congratulated me. I called up the Director of the school who was also my teacher for this subject and he was very impressed and he said he was very proud of me. My history teacher also wrote a small post on Facebook congratulating me. So all in all it was very nice. And I honestly did not think I could ever get a 7, I was so surprised I felt like I was dreaming. But now I really feel like all the stay backs and extra classes and missing other subjects to attend World Religions classes actually paid off! So I am quite happy. Yeah, I am quite happy for now! πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “A Bit of Good News

  1. Congratulations and the amazing grade, I am sure you are worth it. It’s also great to hear that someone else is going though 12th grade exams. It’s so unnerving to wait for the results.

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    • Hey! Thank you. But actually I am just going into grade 12. This was just the result of one of the subjects which is an additional subject so the course was shorter and got over in one year, i.e, grade 11. But I get what you’re saying about waiting for results!

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    • Hey! Thank you! But actually I am not done with the program yet. I took an extra 7th subject which was a one year course which I did in grade 11 and I am only done wit that. I still have another year to go! πŸ™‚


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