Packing for London!!!

Okay, So I’m not really going to London, though I wish I was! One of my friends (Annie)  is and I spent 6 hours helping her pack on Friday. So I go to her room and every inch of it is covered with stuff. Like there was literally no place to stand! The bed was covered in clothes and the entire floor was covered in art materials that she had to take because she is going to London for an art course. She was supposed to leave that night at 12 and she had not put a single thing in her suitcase. So I went over to help her out.

I reached around 1 30 and had thought that I would stay for only a couple of hours but ended up staying till 7 30.  She had no idea what to pack in terms of clothes because the she din’t know the weather conditions there and so we packed for all possible weathers! And then we colour coordinated her colours and pencils and all that. Then one of her paint tubes exploded all over her other paints and so we spent almost an hours cleaning up that mess.

Then, we went to meet a friend of hers who also goes to our school. I had heard of him but had never seen his face or spoken to him but somehow he seemed to know me. So we went to McDonald’s where we had lots and lots of french fries and iced tea. I though I was going to be very awkward because i did not know this guy but it was okay. I managed to talk to him and I actually felt quite comfortable.  Annie made things quite comfortable for me so that was nice.

Then we went back and actually started putting things in the suitcase. First some clothes, then the art materials and everything else. It was a huge task considering there was a weight limit for her luggage and so we had to keep weighing that huge suitcase. God, it was heavy! After that we packed the carry on and all. We managed to stay with the weight limits. Sort of.

I also got a chance to hand out with her for a long time which was fun. We rolled up her t-shirts in plastic and stuffed them in her boots to save space! Then we compiled her art portfolio which was fun. I baked her a cake for her birthday for which she would be in London so it was sort of an advance celebration.

Then we made a final list of things she had missed and starting putting that together and all. I helped her find most of the stuff but then I had to leave because I was getting kinda late. Once I left she clicked a picture of the list and the cake and sent a picture of it on our Whatsapp group labelled “*insert my name* is a true gem <3” so that was nice. She also gave me one of her paintings. It’s beautiful. Then I gave her a long hug and said our byes as I would only see her after mid august again. Later that night I kept texting her things I knew she would forget to pack! And then after she reached the airport we kept talking in betweens through the night till she boarded her flight at 4 a.m. And then we have been talking so much since then even if she is in London. It’s nice.

Anyways, all in all it was a good day and I am glad I had a chance to get to know her better. 🙂


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