Dear me #Day25

(Today I am supposed to write a letter to someone who I know is going through the worst of times. Well I think a lot of people go theough bad times and so I cannot say who is going through the worst time but I do know that I am going through one of my Low periods and no one is going to write me a letter for that so I decided to write one to myself. It’s a little selfish I know. Sorry.)

Dear me,

So I know you feel like you’re going through a really bad time right now and it seems like things just are not getting batter but please hold on and hope that they will. I know you often feel like almost no one cares and I know you still cut and it hurts to feel like you’re never going to be enough for anyone, but believe me you’re good enough.

I know you cut to feel alive and to feel something and I know that there are days where you just want to end all the pain, but please hold on. If not for anything else then atleast for New York City.

Please don’t lose hope and keep believing that one day your dreams will come true. And no matter what anyone eite says, you are worth it.

Take care.


(Now if only I could actually understand all this. That would be great. )


4 thoughts on “Dear me #Day25

  1. Great post, especially one that deals with something so deep. I can see that it’s been rough for you, but I do agree that writing helps you cope, as well as dreams to go to New York and everything. Releasing your thoughts on paper (or on the computer) is kind of therapeutic, even cathartic, and I definitely think that you will make it through the tough times. Take care. 🙂

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  2. I’m really sorry for all the things you’re going through. I don’t know you but from what I’ve read you’re a wonderful person and I also think you’re worth it and you’re good enough. Just hope it gets better xx

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