My random thoughts

Hmm.. God I’m so bored. When is my sister’s friend going to get here? I want to watch Gilmore Girls! Okay so she is finally here. so now that we’ve bought all the junk food, let the marathon begin! Yeah this is fun. Omg I love this show so much… I should do a post about it!!! okay, starting post… *5 lines done* ugh, I’m already bored writing this. I should continue this later. Arrey I want to do something fun today? What should I do? Umm lets go through my bucket list again to see if I can do something good today. Eeh my sis had a good idea! So now we are going to mix food color into or cold drinks. So now my Limca is red, my sister’s is purple and her friend’s is blue. Okay time to order Chinese food. After all how can we have a classic Gilmore marathon without junk food and Chinese!? Okay I think I ordered too many dishes. I really did not need 6 large boxes of food for just the three of us. Ohh but this is so tasty! *Proceeding to stuff my face* Ahh God, I am so so full, I cannot move anymore!  Umm nutella sounds like such a good idea right about now! Okay, worst idea ever! Why oh why did I eat so much. okay, what now… Oh god do I really have to clear the table!? I’m bored, maybe I should text my friends… hmm, maybe not. Ugh my sis wants me to make popcorn! Oh god, I have to go buy popcorn, there isn’t any at home! Ugh it’s hot outside I don’t want to go. I have to go. Eeh I get to wear my new slippers! They are so beautiful.. Okay So I just go outside up to the shop and 2 people have already stared at me and given me judgmental looks. So what If I am wearing shorts! These judgmental aunties omg! Whatever. Okay two packets of popcorn, got it. Now I have to make them… here goes. Ahhh I burned the second batch a little but its fine, they are still eatable! Yay! Maybe I should read… What should I read? Shit I have French class homework. Huh nah don’t feel like doing it right now. Maybe I should paint… umm no, not inn the mood. Okay I am so so jobless. I have to write today’s letter.  okay So I wonder if my friend will come over to my place this evening? What will I wear? I feel like dressing pretty! Okay My friend wants my opinion on which Spectacles she should buy! Why oh why? I am so bad at such decisions. Hmm. God this thing that happened yesterday was so weird, this girl from my previous school just randomly texted me that my Whatsapp display picture was nice. I mean I appreciate it and all but I haven’t spoke to her in almost a year, it’ just a bit strange. huh. “Purple Heads will not be denied!” Oh God, I have eaten so much today!!! Why do I do this? Among the three of us we have had 3 packs of chips, 2 packs of biscuits, lots of candy, 2 bottles of Limca, 6 Chinese dishes, and 2 packs of popcorn! Oh and 3 spoonfuls of Nutella! Okay, I am so food obsessed. Okay so I’m done writing down all the thoughts in my head now. I don’t believe that I actually sometimes talk like this in real life! Hmm I should go now. God, I use the word “okay” too much!


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