Dear Ali #Day23

[Today’s letter is to Ali, my ex girlfriend because she is the last person I kissed]

Dear Ali,

Hey! How are you? How is life going? I really hope everything is going well for you. So what’s new with you? How is school going? Okay I know how much you hate the nickname Ali and I’m sorry to call you by it, but I like it! 😛

Anyways, my sis was asking about you. oh and she loves that skirt you got her. Umm how much of Game of Thrones have you seen this summer?

Well, I want you to know that I enjoyed being with you but you know the circumstances na? I hope you get it. You said you wanted to be friends then and I said I wasn’t ready at that time and I would let you know. Well I am ready now if the offer still stands. let me know.

Okay, wanna know something stupid, you’re a really good kisser! Hahah!

Take care.


[Okay so I think I’m really going to send her this letter because I really do want to be friends with her]


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