Dear Nonie #Day17

[Today’s letter is to someone from my childhood. Her name is Nonie, and she is my cousin from my dad’s side who I haven’t met for a very long time but was very close to when I was a kid. I recently connected with her again over the phone and thought that this letter should definitely be to her.] 

Dear Nonie,

How are you? Hows life going? College and all?

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and I hated not being in touch for so long. You know I adored you when I was a kid. I wanted to do everything you did and I wanted to be exactly like you. You were like my role model at that time. And thanks for all the hand me down clothes and toys!  Do you remember hanging out on the rooftops, with those neighbors? God, that was fun!

Well anyways, I am glad I got in touch with you again. You are an amazing older sister! I missed not talking to you for all those years but I think we’ve caught up on each other’s lives now na?

Take care.



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