“June Jour” Challenge – Day 8

The prompt given by The Finicky Cynic for today’s challenge was What film(s) has changed your life? Give details!

Here is my answer…

Okay So I have a lot of favourite movies.

  1. Kuch kuch hota hai. – This is a very popular hindi film and I have been in love with it since forever. This is one of the first few movies I ever watched and by now I have watched it over 50 times. I don’t know if this film has changed my life but I know that it has always been a part of my life.
  2. Juno- I love this movie because it’s kinda different and Juno’s character is so interesting and quirky! And somehow the fact that she doesn’t fit in with everyone but is still okay is kind of inspiring.
  3. A little bit of heaven – I love this film so so much. Kate Hudson’s character is so amazing. She knows she is about to die but she lives each and every day to the absolute fullest. And she doesn’t want a sad sombre funeral; she wants people to celebrate her life. And I think that’s amazing.

So that’s about it. God, I’m having fun doing this “June Jour” challenge!


2 thoughts on ““June Jour” Challenge – Day 8

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve only seen “Juno” on your list, but I am interested in possibly watching the others as well! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the “June Jour” challenge so far- can you believe that we’re already over halfway through?!

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