Dear K #Day15

[So I have to write a letter to someone I miss the most… So this one is for my friend K who passed away two years back.]

Dear K,

I miss you so so much. Even though it’s been two years, I still miss you like hell. I miss hanging out with you, making fun of you and you teasing me for random stuff, pulling stupid pranks on people with your help and everything. We had plans you know, we were going to travel the whole world together. And you’re gone and I miss you terribly.

We had been friends for about 10 years na? And then for how long were we “in a relationship”? 2 years? And now you’re gone and everything is incomplete. You remember our plans of getting married one day if we didn’t find anyone else!? And now I will never have the chance to give you your 18th birthday box! How could you do this? Did you not know that I love you so much. You were my best friend. And now every Christmas, you’re all I can think about.

You were like one of those guys in the movies, giving me your jacket when it was really cold and cuddling with me and watching movies and just being you. Just being perfect. I miss you and I wish you could be here with me right now.

Okay, this is so cheesy but I might as well tell you, you know that bench where I love to sit, if you look up to the sky from there you can see quite a few starts, and there is this one star there that I always feel shines brighter than the others and it always makes me think of you. Okay, judge me all you want and laugh at me. I know you will but whatever! I love you and I miss you.

Anyways, I hope you are good, wherever you are.


[Okay so now I feel like I should give a bit of background about this person, so as to not confuse people who read this. (I wonder if people are actually going to read this!) Anyways, this friend of mine committed suicide about 2 years ago. He was my best-est friend. I have known him since I was a little kid and I was seeing him for abut two years. He is the best guy I have ever known. So the 18th birthday box that I have referred to is something we started when we were 13. We decided to make a box for each other with small trinkets, tokens for some memories, and anything we thought we would do once we were 18. The contents of these boxes were a secret for the other person and were to be revealed on our 18th birthday only.  And I miss him the most on Christmas the most because we used to always spend Christmas eve and Christmas together doing crazy stuff and having fun and that is also the day he asked me out. I miss him so much.]  


5 thoughts on “Dear K #Day15

  1. Wow that left me speechless for a minute. Never got the chance to be close to anyone when I was a teenager. You must really miss him. Nothing cheesy here either. And there is someone reading

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