Dear Anu #Day14

[Today’s letter was meant to be to someone who you’ve drifted away from so this one is for my friend Anu. I wrote about her once before here.]

Dear Anu,

I miss you yaar. It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you and I miss hanging out.We used to have so much fun in preterm and even for a few months after school started. I don’t know what happened and why we stopped talking but I guess life just got busy and we made other friends.

And I really can’t believe that we don’t even talk in Spanish class anymore. I mean that used to be our hangout time! We’ve had so much fun bunking Spanish and chilling and making excuses, I don’t know what changed and why we stopped doing that.

And one thing that really bothered me but I din’t really tell you was that when you knew I was uncomfortable with the group of friends you used to hangout with but I still tried to make friends with them for your sake, why din’t you ever even try to make it slightly easier for me? You just involved yourself with them completely and I was just left, forgotten. Now I am sure that it’snot completely your fault and I am very sure I am to blame as well but It just kind of hurt me.

Anyways, I’m sorry love. I think it was all just a huge misunderstanding.

Take care.



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