Photo Challenge #Week2

So today I’m going to be posting pictures for the first this of my Photo challenge!

11/06/2015 – 17/06/2015

1. 11/06/2015 – Just a flower in one of the gardens in my neighborhood,


2. 12/06/2015 – I went to the gift shop to buy my cousin a gift, and I saw this and found it really cut so I ended up getting it for myself. I also got a similar one for my sis.


3. 13/06/2015 – Foood!!! ❤


4. 14/06/2015 – This is bench in my locality where me and my best friend sit and talk almost every time we hang out. It’s like our “spot”. Everyone know we sit there and if they ever need to find us, that is where they come to look.


5. 15/06/2015 – Just some plants I saw at a place I went to.


6. 16/06/2015 – My garden!


7. 17/06/2015 – I got a second had book at a sale and Just opened it when I was pleasantly surprised to see this note meant for the previous owner of the book! (I love books with notes in them)


To see the last week’s post click here. 


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