“June Jour” Challenge – Day 4

The prompt given by The Finicky Cynic for today’s challenge (which you can read here) was Free-write for five minutes on the topic of “sunset.”

So here is what I wrote…

I always have mixed feelings about sunsets. They make me both happy and sad. I feel sad that the day is coming to an end but the beautiful colours of the sky also make me feel happy. That’s probably the one time of the day when you see the most colours in the sky. I love the night. So the sunset gives me something to look forward to. The sun setting is just sort of comforting for me I guess. It almost makes me feel as if I have managed to survive another day.  There used to be a time when I used to be too scared to show the world who I really was, but once the sun sets, and the night begins, I feel like I can be who I am, away from the prying eyes of the world. It’s strange, I know. I love looking at sunsets, especially when I am in the hills or something. They are just so beautiful.

Word count – 164


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