Dear Favorite Internet friend #Day8

Dear Favorite Internet friend,

Okay so you have officially been crowned my favorite internet friend! Congratulations. Though I don’t know if I can call you an internet friend considering I know you in real life but I want to and so I will!

We have such a cool story of how we met! Like we were in the same class for almost 4 months but we never really talked and then I randomly come across your blog and start talking to you without really knowing that it was you. And then it just started getting really freaky! Oh we are from the same country, okay? Oh same area, what a coincidence! So we are both in IB, not it’s getting slightly weird! Fuck, we are in the same school!!! Omg I was just thinking in my head shit, what if she tells people about my blog and then there was that moment where both of us were like please don’t tell people from school about my blog and all that!

I have to say that I really love reading your blog and I love this kind of special blogging bond that we have. And because of that I feel like I can really trust you and tell you whatever. You are so amazing, I can’t believe we are friends in real life!

oh by the way, you know when we figured that we were talking to each other on the blog an then you said Hey to me the next day in psych class. I was so surprised that I almost spat out the water I was drinking!

Anyways, you’re a great person and an awesome blogger and I am lucky to know you.

Take care.


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