Dear Ex-crush #Day7

[So today’s post could have been to an ex boyfriend/girlfriend, love, crush whatever. So considering I already wrote one to my crush, I though I would write one to an ex-crush who played a big role in my life for quite a while. Oh by the way, this crush is a guy. At that time I hadn’t really figured out that I was not into guys.]

Dear ex-crush,

You know what, I don’t believe that I actually thought that I was in love with you. The first time we started talking was at that camp in 7th grade, do you remember? Since that camp, I had a massive crush on you. You were so amazing, helping me out when I needed help, hanging out with me, playing that stupid song of yours over and over again, how could I not fall for you? And to my greatest delight, you seemed to like me too, as a friend I mean. And I remember how you broke up with your girlfriend on the way back from camp and you would not talk to anyone but me. Oh how special I felt! We came back to school, grade 8 started and we still remained friends. Remember how you got me all my favorite chocolates for my birthday and make planes out of paper and throw them at me and pass notes to me in all the boring lessons. Oh how I adored you.

And then all that drama happened. You don’t know how much you hurt me by dating my then best friend. And to top that you went and called me a slut in front of our whole grade. For almost two years, everyone called me that you know. But I was an Idiot and I still liked you. Yeah, laugh at my naivete all you want. I went from talking to you everyday to you not even wishing me on my birthday and calling me a slut.

But I have news for you. I got over you. Once I left that school, I never looked back. I got my shit together and I erased you from my mind. But somehow today, I found myself thinking about you. Wondering what you were doing with your life? But immediately after this thought came into my mind, the next thought that came to me was, “you know what? I don’t care!”

Thanks for causing me all that pain but I am so over you!

Hope you have a nice life. Or not. I don’t care!


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