Dear Dreams #Day5

Dear Dreams,

You are what motivates me to live my life. You keep changing, evolving and everything I do, I do to reach you. At times you seem really really far away and like something unattainable at other times I feel like I can almost touch you.

You take different shapes, different forms at various points in my life. Currently you are what waits for me at New York City. You are my desire to travel the world, and you are my hope of one day running a travel magazine. But right now you seem so far away.

You are something that can make me happy instantly, but can also break my heart. But I would honestly not have a reason to live if it weren’t for you. Going after you would probably bring me so much happiness but it also scares me because it would mean leaving behind a lot of people, mainly my family, and moving on to what I want in a foreign country.

I hope one day, you won’t seem so far away anymore.

[Okay, honestly that was not an easy one to write. I somehow just couldn’t find the words to put down my thoughts properly!]


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