Dear Sis #Day4

Dear little sis,

How are you baby? You’re 12 years old now, almost a teenager! I cannot believe it! I remember the night you were born, I was ecstatic. I was asleep at home when someone woke me up and told me that I had a baby sister and I could not stop jumping up and down. I want you to know that I love you so so much.

Baby, life will throw a lot of challenges at your face, ranging from high school drama to what not, but you can overcome it all. You are an amazing artist, a talented singer and a very beautiful person.

We have our fights, I know, but well don’t all siblings fight!? When I think about some of the reasons we have fought in the past, I find them so hilarious at times! As you are growing up, I feel that we have gotten closer and I feel more comfortable in sharing stuff with you.

I love your evening strolls, and eating ice-cream without permission and covering for each other when we stay out later than we our supposed to. You are a rock of support and I love you. Oh and how can I miss, our 2 hour drive, to and from school when we blast music and sing and talk about the random-est things possible!

You are growing into a beautiful human being. Have confidence in yourself, you rock! Have fun and remember YOLO! 😛

Take care sis


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