Photo Challenge #Week1

So today I’m going to be posting pictures for the first week of my Photo challenge!

4/06/2015 – 10/06/2015

1. 4/06/2015 – Yummy food!!


2. 5/06/2015 – My cutie pie dog, whose name is Alfie btw, sitting in the garden looking confused/lazy!


3. 6/06/2015 – This is a picture of my friend Annie’s Polaroid camera. I loved it so much that I ended up clicking a picture of the camera itself!


4. 7/06/2015 – I went to see this friend of mine who was staying at a hotel and there were these lovely potted plants there and I ended up clicking this.


5. 8/06/2015 – I was just going out to a restaurant when I randomly decided to click a picture of the sky and the trees and the road.


6. 9/06/2015 – Umm, I’d rather not say much about this one!


7. 10/06/2015 – Okay so I dint really click much on this day except clicking pictures of some of my artwork so I’m just going to share one of those…


Okay so I know that these photos suck but the aim is that by the time I finish this challenge, I should get better at photography! Bear with me till then.


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