Warning – Rant post

Usually I am not really the jealous type and usually how much money I have compared to what others have is not something that comes into my head at all, But lately, I can’t help but feel jealous of the people who have the resources, meaning money, to travel. Our summer vacations are going on and so all my friends are travelling all over the world and seeing places I wish I could see and doing things I wish I could do and I can’t help feeling really bitter and jealous. I mean I want them to be happy and enjoy and travel and do what they want but I want to do it to. But I really cannot afford it right now. And yes I know I sound like a 12 yr old throwing a tantrum but oh my god, I just want to go see the world and I am so desperate to get out of where I am and just go! Explore, do what I like. Ugh, I am so annoyed even though I know I shouldn’t be. I just want to see all the amazing places in the world and i want to do it now. Or at least I want to start now. I know it’s not right to be so impatient but I am. Ugh!


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