Dear Best Friend #Day1

Dear best friend,

I have known you for what, like 8 years now? And I have to tell you, it has been amazing. Though we are stark opposites, we come from immensely different backgrounds and all, we have managed to find some common ground. You’ve always supported and encouraged me in everything ranging from my crazy ideas like playing football with our shoes as the ball, and and hiding people’s shoes in the bushes to my serious ideas about the future and all that. You’ve been there through the break ups and the make ups, and you’ve been always ready for impromptu shopping sessions or late night ice-cream and cookies! I will honestly never forget all our birthdays spent together and all the times we’ve celebrated Diwali, Christmas and Holi together! And of course all the times you have celebrated Durga Puja with me and my family! Staying up till all hours of the night to see the cultural programs with you will never be forgotten.

You seen it all, all my crazy phases! The ’emo’ phase, my ‘lovestruck’ phases, my grey’s anatomy obsessed phases and what not. I am really really grateful for being there and not giving up on me, especially when I was going through my worst phase a couple of years back. You  understood me even when I had no words to explain what I was feeling. I really hope I have been there when you’ve needed me. I love you more than words can express. Gossip sessions or more like bitching sessions are always fun with you and of course, how can I forget your extraordinarily funny and bizarre stories about anything and everything possible! I know that our worlds are miles apart but I love how you find a place in my life and I find a place in yours no matter what is happening in our lives. I love you to bits!

Take care

P.s – Remember Monopoly?
P.p.s – And remember trying to break that glass and also playing in those puddles!?


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