Lunch with friends!

So on Saturday, I went out to have (as the title suggests) lunch with friends. It went pretty well I think. So initially it was supposed to be the four of us- kaii, SG, TB and me. But it ended up being kaii, SG, shivi, Annie and me. TB couldn’t make it. We met up at this place called cross-point and ate at Fat Lulu’s. We had pizza and chicken wings and pink ginger lemonade or something. It was really good. I was slightly nervous and self conscious in the beginning but it was all okay soon. Annie got her Polaroid camera and so we clicked my first ever Polaroid. It was super fun and I am in love with Polaroid cameras! We talked and laughed and it was fun. It was nice to meet all of them after long and kaii and SG were leaving the next day and I would only see them at the end of July so it was nice we did this. Then kaii had a parlor appointment so we dropped her at the parlor and SG left soon after. We hung around for a little while after that as we were waiting for Shivi’s dad to come pick her up. Once she left, Annie and I headed to place called Galleria which was just across the street. Here we had the most amazing mini chocolate cupcakes! They were heaven! Annie and I hung out for another hour almost and then I gave her a ride home. She invited me over to her place for a bit and so I met her dog, and saw some of her beautiful artworks and saw many Polaroid pictures. It was nice. I stayed there for about half an hour and then I left and came back home. All in all, it was a very nice afternoon. I had fun with everyone and I got to spend some quality time with Annie which was nice.


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