So summer break finally started and I am so relived! Well break started on the 26th of may so this post is a little late but still! The past academic year has been a crazy roller coaster ride! I have had a million things on my mind ranging from my grades to college applications to social life and what not! But I am finally done with grade 11 and just one more year of school left!

The last year has been so incredibly busy with so much work happening. My grades went down a little compared to when the year started but I think I got back on track near the end. I actually think I made some friends by then end of the year and overall it has been a good year but I have been so desperate for a break! And it’s finally here. Yay! Though it is going to be a extremely busy break. I have to do an internship, go for SAT classes and I want to do some volunteer work! Plus I have all these internal assessments to work on and of course, not to forget my extended essay! Plus I want to learn how to used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. And then there is this art diploma I have been doing and the final 3rd year exam is this summer. I also need to prepare a resume and think about college applications!

I also really need to catch up with some old friends so that should be fun and relaxing! I have been drawing and painting a lot lately which has been fun. I had not done that for so long thanks to my amazing schedule! For the past week literally all I have been doing is eating, sleeping, blogging, painting and chatting with my friends! It has been pretty relaxing tbh. Just one more week maybe and then I need to start working on all these things. I also plan a study a bit just to be ahead of things on the academic front.

Ahh I am so looking forward to the summer! I am kinda trying to plan to meet up with a few of my friends also. School reopens in the end of July so two moths of bliss, hopefully!


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