Free Writing!

Taking inspiration from this post here by The Finicky Cynic and the one here by Britta at It’s a Britta Bottle I decide to do a free writing post. So basically, all you gotta do is write for 5 or 10 mins about whatever comes into your head. And no editing allowed! I chose to do a 5 minute challenge and this is what I came up with –

Today has been such a boring day. Like I have literally done nothing. Except blogging. I am so in love with blogging. I am really looking forward to doing this Q and A post.  This free writing thing is pretty cool. Ugh, I cannot get that birthday party out of my mind. Hmm, that poster my sister made is pretty cool. It just says ‘monkey monkey Underpants’ which is a ‘Gilmore Girls’ reference. I think I need to do a Gilmore girls Marathon soon. I have so much time to it. I finally have vacations! Yay! After so much hard work during the past year I am really glad to have a break. But omg I have to do so much work in these holidays. Ugh. And plus I am going to miss my friends so much. Like I already miss them. Maybe I’ll get to hang out with them sometimes in the vacations!. I miss my crush already and its only been three days. I am not even on FB so I can’t even talk to her and I don’t even have her number. Ugh, so annoying! She is so beautiful. Hmm, I watched despicable me again today. Agnes is so cute!

Word count  – 203 word

Wow! This was fun! I should do this more often. It’s a good way to clear your head and put all your thoughts on paper (or on the screen, actually!)


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