What an Evening!

So last evening I finally did end up going for that birthday party I was talking about! And I am really glad I went. The birthday girl’s name is Kaii, btw. I texted so many people before going asking what they were going to wear and what time they were going to be there! So I put in a lot of effort into getting ready. I did a full trial of how I would dress up. I washed my hair, blow dried it and straightened it a little. I got my friend to put eyeliner and kajal for me. Yeah, I spent a lot of time doing all this.

So the evening started with me being really really nervous and so going like an hour late. Initially all I could think was…


But anyways, I went in and hugged kaii and gave her a present and all that. Then she asked me whether I wanted to go to the karaoke room or to the other room where people were sitting and chilling and I said either was fine so she guided me to the karaoke room. I went in and then all these friends came up to me and said Hi and hugged me and all that stuff so that was fine. But I was still plenty nervous so I just stood there like a statue for the first 15 mins.


Meanwhile, I spotted a bookshelf. It was so huge and I went crazy just looking at it and started looking at all the books. This friend of mine (lets call her TB) who was sitting there asked me why I was so nervous and I of kinda embarrassed and said I don’t know and that I just am. Then I calmed down a bit and went and sat down. Everyone who came in said Hi and was really nice so that helped a little. All the people in the karaoke room were going crazy singing random songs like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Jingle bell rock’, ‘My name is’ and many other ones. It was a lot of fun. And I will probably never be able to listen to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody without having flashbacks of TB singing it. It was hilarious!

My crush said Hi to me and I instantly forgot how to say Hi and just managed to stutter out a hello and gave her a smile.  It went something like…


After a while, I kind of got bored of that and so I ventured into the other room and I immediately became nervous again as there were a different set of people here. But I tried to calm myself down and I went and talked to a few people. Thanks to my awkwardness, most of my conversations started off with something like…


Everyone was really nice and so it was okay. I actually socialized for a bit and some good music was playing and some people danced a little so it was fun. Then we ate and my god, the food was really good! Then back to socializing. It was kind of difficult for me to talk to some people but I tried. At times in between I felt pretty clueless so I just stood around watching people and feeling awkward.


I guess I kind of felt like I din’t exactly belong there. But anyways, the evening progressed and the cake was cut which was fun and once kaii cut the cake she picked up a piece and fed herself first! Trust kaii to do something like that! After this some of the people left as they seemed to have some other plans to go somewhere or something. So my crush was also leaving and everyone was saying their goodbyes for the summer and all that. And there was a lot of hugging and all that. So then I went up to my crush who was standing with another friend and I asked whether she was leaving. She said that she was and so I just said okay, see you after the summer and all that and in my mind I was thinking…  jtdh 



And OH MY GOD, it actually happened!!! She leaned in for a hug without me even having to say anything!!! I was so excited and happy. I was just like…


And I was jumping (at least in my head I was jumping) and I was just so excited. So one of the first things I did was go and tell SG (a friend of mine) about it. And yeah I was just so elated I couldn’t stop gushing about it!

After that we were just sitting and chilling and then we clicked so many pictures. I got so many pictures with all my friends and we took lots of selfies also. That was fun also. I didn’t think it would be fun because I am very camera conscious but it was!

Then we were just standing and then kaii and a couple of more girls just randomly started dancing. So then I though that I should probably go home and so I told kaii that I should go and she just said No. So I was like what? And she said no don’t go. I was so surprised that I did not know what to say so then she asked whether I could stay a little longer and I agreed to. I was so speechless that I was just kinda starting at her face so she said that we like having you here and that you’re an amazing person and something like that. I got so overwhelmed because no one ever says that to me. I heard someone say that to me after so long and it felt really good and I got all emotional and I just stood there frozen like…


I probably stood there almost crying for 5 mins when kaii went and told SG something ( I wonder what she said?) so SG came and hugged me and asked me what happened. So I told her what happened and how I felt like and outsider and like I did not belong and all that. She helped me calm down a bit and it was nice to talk to her. She is a sweetheart! Then kaii came over and told me that she thinks that I am an amazing person and all that and so I felt a little better. Then we hung out for a while more. Then we said our byes and one of the girls was moving to Australia so we said bye and we’ll keep in touch and all that. lots of hugs and byes and lets keep in touch and all that. Some tentative lunch plans were made and it was really nice.

So overall it was an amazing night. I am so glad I went. And I am so happy to be friends with people like them.


Okay, so I din’t almost pee my pants but you get the emotion behind this picture, right!?It was really a fun and awesome evening. This is definitely one of the best memories I have with people of this school now!


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