Social gatherings

I am never good at social gatherings. I usually get awkward and don’t know what to say and end up embarrassing myself. Okay, well I don’t really embarrass myself but I feel like I do. Okay, so now the thing is, I got invited to a birthday party. This person who invited me is really nice and I like her and so I said I would go. I was basically so excited that I said I would most probably go without even considering if I wanted to go and if I could go. So this birthday party is tonight and I am freaking out. It’s the first time I have to be in a social situation with people of this school. All socializing prior to this has been in the school. Never outside. SO I am scared that I am going to do something stupid and people are going to judge me forever. I don’t know what to wear, what to give her, how fancy are we supposed to be dressed, all of that. I don’t know the social norms and customs here. plus the theme is something to do with beaches so I don’t even know if my dress is “beach-y” enough! I can’t believe that this thing is making me so nervous. And people don’t get how I can be nervous for a birthday party. Most people are used to all of this, I am not. It’s kinda scary for me. I don’t do well in social situations unless I am totally comfortable. So I am going to take a book with me to read. I probably won’t get a chance to read but just in case. Oh, and I decided to give her a book as well because she said she likes to read. Now, I’m just praying that I don’t screw up. This is going to be the last time I see these friends of for probably the entire summer!


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