Her again.

Oh my god, I am so pathetic at times. Okay, so I had my psychology exam today (which went pretty okay) and My crush is in my psychology class. So me and a coupe of friends of mine were sitting in the library and studying when she walked in. I had a few doubts and so I was asking my friends but after she came in, I on purpose went up to her to ask my doubts just so that I get to talk to her. If that is not pathetic then I don’t know what is. And she was so nice. She explained the thing I asked so nicely. And all I could do was stare at her face. Ugh, she is so beautiful! And she is so cute also. When we went to the exam room, she saw the question paper and got so excited because we got a question that she had thought we would get and she knew it really well. She got all jumpy and excited. It was adorable! And she also talked to me a little between the exam like asking how much I was done with and all that. And then we discussed our papers after the exam also and I got to talk to her some more! Today was a nice day just because of her. Oh my god, I cannot stop thinking about her! And I know I have made numerous blog posts saying the exact same thing as o how she is amazing and all that but she really is, so bear with me.


2 thoughts on “Her again.

  1. Hey what you did was not pathetic, I think that was rather brave of you! It’s better than when I talked to my crush for the first time he asked me ‘how do you think I would look with my hair spiked up?’ me being quite up-front but also nervous said ‘no, you would look like a d*ck’ …yeah, I was pretty smooth aha

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