This is crazy.

I am so into her, it’s crazy! Like my mood gets better the instant I see her. I could be having a really really bad day but just seeing her makes it better. Take today for example, I had just finished my exam and I wasn’t sure of how it went and I just was feeling a little weird. So I walk into the washroom and there she is (I love it when that happens, it gives me an excuse to talk to her). She was on the phone and I was doing something on my phone as well. So once her call got over, I just asked her how her exam went and she said it was good. She asked how mine was and whether I took English at higher or standard level. I said that my exam was fine and that I took it Higher level. Then I asked her which option she did (there were two options in the paper out of which we had to choose). So she said she did option B and I said that I did that one too. So then she said that she thinks that most people did because it seemed slightly easier and I agreed. And then she left.

See, nothing very meaningful or important. just casual small talk and it made me so fucking happy that I could not wipe that grin off my face! I am falling head over heels for her! It’s crazy. And sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I hate that my happiness is so dependent on her. It’s scary to think that she can make me so happy or so sad. And I know that this whole thing is just going to disappoint me in the end because nothing can happen between us. But for now these little conversations and smiles passed in the corridors are enough for me. I will have to make do with just this much for she is so out of my league.


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